Bionaire BWF0522M Thin Window Fan

Bionaire BWF0522M Thin Window Fan

Small, sleek, and powerful, the Bionaire BWF0522M Thin Window Fan fits in most windows and features a “Firm Fit” locking extender screen to fit in larger windows. The extender screen makes the Bionaire BWF0522M Thin Window Fan very easy to install and set up in your home. This model is 3.4 x 25.2 x 7.7 inches and weighs 5.1 pounds. Even with its smaller design, this window fan is more powerful than previous models and can cool any room down quickly and efficiently.

Powerful and Compact

The Bionaire BWF0522M Thin Window Fan has three speeds for maximum comfort. Its manual controls are easy to use and adjust to get just the right amount of air flow into a room. Because the BWF0522M is designed to be small and adjustable to most windows, you will be able to place this fan anywhere in the house where there is a window. This model works great in a kitchen to help cool off at night after a large meal. The Bionaire BWF0522M Thin Window Fan is also designed to be quiet while still moving a large amount of air through any room in your house. You can cool off your bedroom at night and still sleep without this fan waking you up with any noise.

The manual thermostat function allows you to program your preferred temperature for a room as well. The unit responds well to this function, and you won’t have to reprogram the thermostat every time you plug the unit in. You can set a specific, controlled temperature for an area and forget about it. In comparison to previous models, the Bionaire BWF0522M Thin Window Fan has a 40% greater air velocity and is 25% more compact. This smaller design makes it easy to fit in most windows either vertically or horizontally. The Bionaire BWF0522M Thin Window Fan is the most compact, most powerful, and the easiest to install fan that Bionaire has come out with to date.


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Bionaire BWF0522M Thin Window Fan Features

  • More powerful and more compact
  • 3 independently controlled comfort settings
  • 3 speed settings
  • Designed for vertical or horizontal configurations; Patented locking extender screens
  • Manual controls

Customer Reviews and Scores

At the time of this writing, 218 customers have reviewed the product an average of 3.8 out of 5 stars.

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Most customer reviews highlight the Bionaire BWF0522M Thin Window Fan for its quiet, efficient, and easy-to-use attributes and rave about its overall functionality. The smaller design also impressed many customers as well as its easy installation and flexibility when fitting into windows. Even lighter than its predecessors, weighing in at about five pounds, the BWF0522M model packs a punch that can fit vertically or horizontally in almost any window of the house. The manual thermostat also is a well renowned feature that does not have the bright display of digital displays, but is still responsive and easy to set.

The low and medium settings turn off a couple fans in the unit, rather than making them spin slower, as in previous models. This means your window essentially becomes open when running the fan on lower settings. The fan is so quiet on high, however, that most customers concerned with bugs entering the house through the window simply run the fan on high. Some previous models have been difficult to install in certain windows, but the new BWF0522M model improves on this design and makes it easy to install and get up and running quickly and quietly. Overall, customers are satisfied with this wall fan due to its air speed, size, and quietness.

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