Bionaire BWF0910AR-WCU Remote Control Window Fan Review

The Bionaire BWF0910AR-WCU Remote Control window fan is definitely solidly built for such a light fan, weighing in at only 8 pounds, and well worth the price. It’s larger blades move much more air than most window fans and are comparatively whisper quiet.

The electronically reversible blades can be set to intake, exhaust or circulate with just the push of a button to create the perfect environment in your room. Additionally, the power of this fan makes the circulate mode much more effective than most dual fans. It is rare to still feel a very nice, powerful breeze while a dual fan is in circulate mode.

This  Bionaire BWF0910AR-WCU Remote Control window fan has a digital thermostat that can be programmed to turn on or off for the desired temperature in your room. In addition, it has a separate button for auto mode vs. manual mode which saves the trouble of going through six settings to switch between manual and auto functions, unlike some other digital models. Users can tell that the fan is in auto mode by the red indicator light at the top of the control panel.

The included remote control can be used to turn the fan on and off or change the temperature setting without getting up. Unfortunately, the mode button is not on the remote, so switching the fan from automatic to manual mode will have to be done from the button on the control panel.

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Product features

  • Adjustable to fit most standard windows over 25.5 inches with the inset extender screen and included extender panels
  • Fully programmable thermostat for automatic on/off at desired temperatures
  • Adjustable brightness LED display
  • Electronically reversible blades for intake, exhaust and exchange mode
  • Quiet operation
  • Five year manufacturer’s warranty


Customer Reviews and Scores

I found 51 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Bionaire BWF0910AR-WCU Remote Control window fan 4.4 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
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One other small drawback is that it’s larger size of 25.5 inches won’t allow the fan to fit some smaller vertical windows, but it will fit most standard windows with the included extender panels and adjustable extender screen.

Like other models of Bionaire fans, the BWF0910AR might have some issues with the thermostat as some unit’s heat sensing wires are placed a bit too close to the motor, but the remote makes it so easy to program that the room temperature can be adjusted with a little guesswork.

A very nice bonus is that the brightness of the temperature display can be dimmed to prevent it’s light from interfering with your sleep if you are sensitive to that. This fact, coupled with the very quiet operation and remote control makes this fan absolutely ideal for nighttime bedroom use.

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