Bionaire Twin Window Fan BW2100 with Digital Thermostat

Bionaire twin window fan bw2100

The Bionaire Twin Window Fan BW2100 with Digital Thermostat is well designed for a moderately priced window fan. It has worthy features that other equally priced models do not, including an adjustable digital thermostat with display.

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Sturdy Appearance
This fan has a nice, sturdy appearance to it and is actually a bit heavier than most window fans at almost 14 pounds. It doesn’t have an easy grip carrying handle, which makes its weight a bit cumbersome, but it snaps into place firmly without a lot of fuss and looks pleasant enough if it is just left in place constantly.

One of the more convenient design aspects of the BW2100 is that most of the front finger guards are vertical, which cuts down on dust build up which can be frustrating to clean because it does not disassemble easily.

It has a decent air flow for a medium size room, and can be easily changed from exhaust to blow or air exchange by flipping the individual slider buttons on each fan. The speed settings cycle all the way through the 6 options, 3 for manual and 3 for auto, so this is slightly less convenient than simpler switches if you don’t intend to use the thermostat very much, but it’s not an overt hassle.

Bionaire Twin Window Fan BW2100  Features

  • Adjustable to fit most standard windows

This fan fits slider and double hung windows. Adjustable extenders are included for larger windows.

  • Adjustable, programmable thermostat

The programmable digital thermostat display ranges between 60 and 80 degrees

  • Three speed settings for perfect comfort

The fan can be set to low, medium and high both in auto and manual mode.

  • Reversible blades

Blades are independently reversible so that the fan can be used for input, exhaust or to circulate air

  • Quiet

This fan moves a surprising amount of air for such quiet operation, which makes it ideal for bedroom use with the thermostat, as it will not wake you when it cycles on and off.

  • Keep your window screens

 The Bionaire Adjustable BW2100 is thin enough to use with your window screens in place, to keep dust, dirt and bugs out.

  • Fully assembled

This fan arrives fully assembled and ready to use.

  • Warranty

This fan comes with a five year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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Customer Reviews and Scores

I found 11 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Bionaire BW2100 Twin Window Fan  3.1 stars out of a possible 5 on average.

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A more serious drawback of this fan is that the heat from the motor tends to affect the temperature readout, and therefore turns the fan off at a higher ambient room temperature than it should. This inaccuracy can vary a by as much as ten degrees between units of the same model, so the temperature might need to be set somewhat lower than the actual room temperature desired, depending on the unit.

Overall, the BW2100 is a very good, solid mid-level fan. It blows very well, handling a lot of air for its size and volume, making it perfect for small and medium rooms and can definitely handle the difficult job of exhausting cooking odors from a kitchen.

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