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Air king 9155

The Air King 9155 16 inch window fan moves a very respectable amount of air–2470 cubic feet per minute–for a modern window fan. Its low power usage combined with its high volume air movement capabilities make it an ideal replacement for air conditioning in all but the most brutal environments and pays for itself in no time with savings in power bills.

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The 16 inch Air King 9155 actually gets a little more kick for its power usage than its larger counterpart, the 20 inch 9166, with the 9155 using only 90 watts to move 2470 CFM on high. The larger model uses 170 watts to move 3560 CFM on high, so the smaller model is definitely more energy-efficient while still moving much more air than most typical window fans.

There is an added benefit to using this fan on a bearable day instead of air conditioning. Air conditioning requires that windows and doors be shut tight while it circulates the same stale air through the house over and over. A well placed window fan with several strategically opened windows will draw fresh air in while blowing stale indoor pollutants and odors out, making the air in the home more refreshing, clean and invigorating.

It’s plastic housing definitely feels less sturdy than the older metal fans, and this model is almost all plastic, with the grill in the front being its only steel part, but it makes it lighter to uninstall and pack away for winter use. Still, as with all plastic fans, it tends to rattle a bit after extended use, and they just don’t seem to last as long as all metal fans.

Because it’s fairly light, installation can be completed with one person, although it’s easier with two. It’s Storm Guard feature uses the extender panels to set the fan out from the window a bit so that the window it’s installed in can be closed during heavy rain without going through the extra effort of removing it. This fan is best for horizontal type windows as the extender panels aren’t strong enough to support vertical placement, although one could build a block of some sort for a vertical window. The window it’s intended for will also have to be measured to make sure it can handle a large fan. The required window size is 26.5 inches to 34.5 inches long and 22 inches high.

The blade of the fan is three speed and electrically reversible with the simple switches on the front to provide all three speed options on both intake and exhaust. The knob also suffers from the same problem that the rest of the housing suffers from–it is slightly flimsier plastic and can pop off at times. Sometimes the screws under the knob need to be tightened.

Probably one of the best features about this fan is that it is American made, which is a huge plus for some consumers who prefer not to buy products made in China for less-than-fair labor and environmental standards. All in all, it’s a nicely efficient fan that is well-built for current market standards, even if many customers do miss the higher quality all metal types of house fans.

Product features:

  • Electrically reversible for both intake and exhaust
  • Three speeds for maximum comfort
  • Energy efficient
  • Storm Guard feature allows a window to be shut without uninstalling the fan
  • Fits windows 26.5 inches to 34.5 inches long and at least 22 inches high

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Air king 9166

window fan air king 9166

The Air King 9166 Window Fan fan is designed to really move air through an entire home, and it’s definitely much more powerful than smaller, weaker twin window fans.

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Powerful Window Fan

With the power comes a great deal of noise, so it’s best to put it where the sound won’t matter. Since it will cool an entire home on a muggy day with a few windows and doors left strategically open, putting it in a seldom used room or a bedroom, if the ambient white-noise is preferred while sleeping, is a great compromise for the noisiness. As a matter of fact, because it’s designed to move so much air, it might result in too much wind if installed in the most often used room.

There are plenty of well thought safety and mechanical features for this unit. For instance, the grounded plug has a fuse to prevent electrical surges from damaging it and the motor is designed to be able to run continuously without lubrication. The mostly metal design of the Air King 9166 20 whole house window fan is much sturdier than most twin window fans. It has an impact resistant plastic housing that is very heavy and the front grill and blades are made of steel that has been powder coated to prevent rust. Also, very importantly, finger guards protect little one’s fingers from the fast-moving metal blades.

The storm guard feature lets the fan stay installed while the window is completely closed. This protects it and the room from severe weather without having to go through the trouble of taking it out every time it rains. It’s also nice that the air conditioning can be used when it is too hot with the window closed, and then with no extra installation the A/C can be turned off at night and the fan can be turned on instead. Of course this makes mounting the fan to certain windows a little more difficult of a task. First of all, it’s very heavy at 36 pounds, so having a friend to help and making sure the installation is very secure is important. External mounts involve reversing the expandable side adjusters, which isn’t difficult, it’s just not self explanatory. In some cases, external mounts might need extra wood added to hold it securely and keep it from slipping. The fan will not fit windows less than 27 inches wide, so it’s best to measure the window before installing it.

The fan has three intake speeds, and three exhaust speeds, so it can cool the house either by airing out hot upstairs rooms, bringing cool air when it’s nice out, or even to pull cooler basement air to upstairs rooms. The newer model is not as powerful as it’s older counterpart. It has a lighter weight motor that moves faster but draws less air. On high it draws roughly 3600 cubic feet per minute, as opposed to the older model that drew roughly 7000CFM. Of course the newer motor saves a lot of electricity by drawing less power, and if it draws enough air to keep from using the air conditioner, this is a great trade-off for the power bill, but it would be nice if it had as much power as the older models.

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Product Features

  • Three speeds intake and three speeds exhaust
  • No need to lubricate the motor
  • Powder coated steel front grill and blades
  • Storm guard slider panels let widow be closed without removing the fan
  • Moves 3560 CFM on high speed for whole home cooling


Customer Reviews and Scores

I found 130 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the air king 9166 Control 3.5 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
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