Triple Window Fan

Bionaire Thin Triple Window Fan

Bionaire Thin Triple Window Fan

The Bionaire Thin Triple Window Fan is one of the thinnest, lightest fans on the market. It won’t block your beautiful view of the outdoors because it takes up much less window space than most double fans. It’s sleek-looking too with a polished looking modern design so that even the part of the window that it does take up seems to enhance the view rather than take away from it.

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Thin Triple Fan
The control panel on the side of the fan has lets users set the fan’s three speeds and a programmable digital thermostat to cycle the fan on and off to your preferred temperature with just the push of a button. The thermostat can be set to temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees in five degree increments.

The fan is designed to fit horizontal windows or vertical, and in fact is small enough that it can easily fit many of the more narrow vertical sliding windows that no other fan can. With the locking extender panels it can fit windows between 25.25 inches and 36.75 inches and has a height of only 7.75 inches, and it weighs only 3 pounds.

Low, medium and high speeds are set up in an unusual way on the Bionaire Thin Triple fan, with one blade spinning for low, two for medium and one for high. This would be fine for any window with a screen installed, but for windows without a screen, when the fan is on low or medium bugs get past the blades that aren’t moving.

Product features:

  • Three blades for maximum air flow
  • Programmable digital thermostat
  • Small and lightweight for easy installation and removal
  • Designed to git both horizontal and vertical windows

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Customer Reviews and Scores

I found 625 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded theBionaire Thin Triple Window Fan 4.1 stars out of a possible 5 on average.

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A huge downside of this fan is that it only blows in. It’s not electronically reversible, and if anyone wanted to use it for exhaust it would have to be manually flipped around. The controls are on both sides, so this is doable, but the fan is thicker at the front than the back so those people who are lucky enough to be able to leave their screens in while using the fan on intake might have to take their screens out on exhaust, which brings back the bug problem if the fan isn’t being run on the high setting. It does blow nicely for such a small fan–a really solid flow of air on high. It’s quiet too, even on high.

The fan also seems more solidly built than most of the flimsier plastic fans, even though it weighs about half or less than most window fans do. The only caution for it is to not leave it out when it’s really wet. The motors aren’t rain resistant, and the control panel doesn’t seem to be built to hold up well to wet weather.

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Bionaire Whole-House Triple Window Fan

Bionaire Triple window fan

The Bionaire Whole-House Triple Window Fan has a pretty unique design as far as typical window fans go. It’s three blades run independently to move more air for less power than the typical two blade window fans. The controls are easy to use and on both sides of the fan so it can be manually flipped around to change the airflow from intake to exhaust. It would be nice if the blades were electrically reversible so that the fan didn’t have to be removed from the window to change its airflow though. It also has a manual thermostat to keep a more even room temperature, which is nice because it can be more finely adjusted than digital thermostats can.

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It can fit windows up to 37 inches, and it is shorter so it doesn’t block the view of the outside as much as the regular twin blade fans do. The built in extender screen locks so it stays in place well and can be adjusted to fit either horizontal or vertical windows. It also has two other rigid extenders that can be fit onto the other side for the larger windows.

The Bionaire Whole-House Triple Window Fan operates more like three individual fans that are just part of the same unit, with one blade running on low setting, two on medium and all three on high. It saves a bit of power this way, but it would be better to have the option of running all three blades at once on low and medium speed for a more even air flow.

It would also be nice if it had a remote control because even with the thermostat it’s powerful enough that when it cycles on and off at night it can get a little too cool. It does not blow enough air to really cool a whole house as it says, especially on a hot day, but if other windows are cracked it will get a small breeze going in other rooms.

It doesn’t seem like it’s designed very well to be used as anything more than an intake fan. As already stated, the fan has to be manually reversed to use it in exhaust mode and the front is deeper than the back, so the window screen would have to be removed from most windows to use it in exhaust mode. Also, when it’s mounted vertically the part of the extender that locks only works properly for intake mode because the rigid extenders have to be on the bottom and the locking mechanism is only on one side, so if it’s flipped around to exhaust in a vertical window the fit isn’t secure enough for safety. It’s plastic is a little flimsy as well.

Overall, it looks nice, won’t block the view as much as taller fans and moves good air quietly if a user just wants to keep it installed as an intake fan and leave it that way. It also has a five-year warranty so it will last for years, which makes it worth the cost.

Product features:

  • Shorter height to allow more view past the window
  • Manual controls on both sides for reversible use
  • Built-in adjustable extender screen and two removable panels to fit windows up to 37 inches
  • Manual thermostat to cycle fan on and off to a comfortable temperature
  • Can fit both horizontal and vertical windows


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