Twin Window Fan

Honeywell Twin Window Fan

The Honeywell Twin Window Fan, HW-305 is a small but powerful fan. It doesn’t have a large number of features, but it does have the ones that really matter. The blades are reversible for switching from intake to exhaust with just the flip of a button, and it has a manual thermostat that will automatically turn the fan on and off for your perfect level of comfort.

Installation is a bit more painful with this fan that it would be with most others. The extender panels don’t include an accordion style extender that is easily adjustable to any length. Instead, the plastic is rigid, and one of the panels must be adjusted and then held into place with a pair of small screws. This does make the panels easier to clean than the accordion style, since they don’t collect as much dust and can just be wiped off with a cloth, and they also look nicer, but it takes more than a few minutes to get it installed.

There is a built-in carrying handle at the top of the fan to make it easy to carry and store when you want to move the fan. A great bonus for this fan is that it is built with a rain resistant motor so owners don’t have to fret as much about forgetting to take it out of a window during wet weather, even though it’s easy to move.

The control panel is very easy to use, with only two knobs for temperature and speed, and one switch for intake/exhaust. The manual thermostat has no temperature readout makes for a bit of guess-work when setting the fan to the desired room temperature, but the dials are self-explanatory. The thermostat is also less sensitive because it’s manual and therefore less likely to cycle on and off several times a minute, which can be annoying with digital models and there is no lit LED screen to cast an annoying light in a dark room while trying to sleep if extra light could potentially be a bother.

It’s difficult to clean the fan as the front grills collect a lot of dust and dirt and it doesn’t disassemble very easily for washing. But overall it’s a good no-frills fan that will do the job that matters. The power of the HW-305 is great. It trades all the extra functions and knobs for what really matters–air movement.

Product features

  • Three speeds for perfect comfort
  • Included additional side panels will fit most slider and double hung windows
  • Electrically reversible blades for intake or exhaust with just the switch of a button
  • Manual thermostat to adjust room to your preferred temperature
  • Built in carrying handle for portability
  • Rain resistant motor for exceptional durability

Lasko Twin Window Fan 2137 Review

Lasko Twin Window Fan, 2137

The biggest advantage of the Lasko Twin Window Fan 2137 is that it will actually fit into the smaller windows, even down to 22 inches and is unbelievably easy to install. It’s adjustable, accordion style side panels will fit windows up to 34 inches without the need for extra panels or adapters.

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This fan is thin enough to be used with the window screen still installed, which it recommended since there is no built-in dust screen to block dirt and bugs from entering the home through the grills. The window grabbers built into the top give a secure fit for the fan to the bottom of the window. It is very light and weighs only 5.8 pounds so it’s easy to move, but it would be nice if there was a carrying handle or a built-in carrying groove.
The plastic that the housing it’s made of is not very expensive looking, and somewhat thinner than the plastic used with other models. It also bends a little too easily at the touch. It looks fine despite this, with a simple white color, and the adjustable extenders on both sides of the fan to make it possible to center the fan in the window for a nicer visual appeal, which fans with rigid side panels can’t do.

The fan’s only knob is at the top, flush with where the window sill fits against the top of the fan. This makes it very difficult to turn the knob when you want to turn it off or change the speed because it’s just too tall and bumps the bottom of the window. But the knob can be accessed from both the front and the back to make it manually reversible, just pull it out of the window and turn it around to change from intake to exhaust.

The Lasko 2137 can also be used as a desk fan or floor fan with the removable feet. It won’t produce as much air movement as a typical box fan, but it still comes in handy, especially as a desk fan, for which it provides plenty of power.

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Product features

  • Fits many smaller windows from 22 inches to 34 inches
  • Two speeds for more comfortable air flow
  • Manually reversible to bring cool air in from the outside or exhaust hot air or odors out from the inside
  • Removable feet for use as a floor or table fan as well as a window fan
  • Expandable adjustment panels on both sides of the frame for easy fitting
  • Fully assembled for easy and quick installation

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Bionaire BWF0910AR-WCU Remote Control Window Fan Review

The Bionaire BWF0910AR-WCU Remote Control window fan is definitely solidly built for such a light fan, weighing in at only 8 pounds, and well worth the price. It’s larger blades move much more air than most window fans and are comparatively whisper quiet.

The electronically reversible blades can be set to intake, exhaust or circulate with just the push of a button to create the perfect environment in your room. Additionally, the power of this fan makes the circulate mode much more effective than most dual fans. It is rare to still feel a very nice, powerful breeze while a dual fan is in circulate mode.

This  Bionaire BWF0910AR-WCU Remote Control window fan has a digital thermostat that can be programmed to turn on or off for the desired temperature in your room. In addition, it has a separate button for auto mode vs. manual mode which saves the trouble of going through six settings to switch between manual and auto functions, unlike some other digital models. Users can tell that the fan is in auto mode by the red indicator light at the top of the control panel.

The included remote control can be used to turn the fan on and off or change the temperature setting without getting up. Unfortunately, the mode button is not on the remote, so switching the fan from automatic to manual mode will have to be done from the button on the control panel.

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Product features

  • Adjustable to fit most standard windows over 25.5 inches with the inset extender screen and included extender panels
  • Fully programmable thermostat for automatic on/off at desired temperatures
  • Adjustable brightness LED display
  • Electronically reversible blades for intake, exhaust and exchange mode
  • Quiet operation
  • Five year manufacturer’s warranty


Customer Reviews and Scores

I found 51 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Bionaire BWF0910AR-WCU Remote Control window fan 4.4 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
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One other small drawback is that it’s larger size of 25.5 inches won’t allow the fan to fit some smaller vertical windows, but it will fit most standard windows with the included extender panels and adjustable extender screen.

Like other models of Bionaire fans, the BWF0910AR might have some issues with the thermostat as some unit’s heat sensing wires are placed a bit too close to the motor, but the remote makes it so easy to program that the room temperature can be adjusted with a little guesswork.

A very nice bonus is that the brightness of the temperature display can be dimmed to prevent it’s light from interfering with your sleep if you are sensitive to that. This fact, coupled with the very quiet operation and remote control makes this fan absolutely ideal for nighttime bedroom use.

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Bionaire BW2300 Twin Window Fan with Remote Control Review

The Bionaire BW2300 twin window fan with remote control is a little larger than other dual window units at 25.5 by 14.1 inches, so it won’t fit the much smaller windows, but it’s remarkably lightweight for it’s size, at 8.4 pounds. It’s right side extender locks and adjustable extender screen make it easy to install and fit to most standard window sizes.There is an extra 3 inch extender panel for windows that are larger than 35 inches.

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Electronically Reversed
Like most higher quality units, the fans can be electronically reversed to either intake, exhaust or air exchange, which is handy for rooms that only have one window or lack decent ventilation. It can be used in manual mode to run continuously, or the digital thermostat can be programmed to cycle on and off to maintain your preferred temperature in the room. This is wonderful for bedroom use as you won’t have to wake up to turn the fan off if your nights get a little too cool. In addition, the large blades move plenty of air but still let the fan run quietly enough that it won’t wake most users as it cycles on and off. The programmable digital thermostat will remember your preferred setting even when you turn the fan off until the unit is unplugged, so you won’t have to go through the same routine every night to reprogram it.

The BW2300 responds very well to it’s included remote control, which you can use to turn it on and off in manual mode without getting up if you prefer for it to run continuously. The remote also controls the intake/exhaust/exchange and programmable thermostat functions and is very simple to use.

Bionaire BW2300 Twin Window Fan with Remote Control Features

  • Adjustable to fit most standard windows with the included extender panels plus a built-in extender screen
  • Programmable digital thermostat with adjustable-brightness LCD display
  • Three speed settings for perfect air flow
  • Electronically reversible blades can be set to intake, exhaust and exchange
  • Easy to use remote

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Customer Reviews and Scores

I found 625 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Bionaire BW2300 Twin Window Fan with Remote Control 4.3 stars out of a possible 5 on average.

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One of the best, most well thought features of this model is that it has a button that will change the brightness of the LED display. These displays can be a bit annoying for nighttime use if extra light is bothersome, so this eliminates that irritation. Or, if you prefer the night light effect, you can set the temperature display to it’s brightest setting.

One small down side is that the cord is front and center on the bottom, making it look a bit more obtrusive to the eye, which is a shame because it is a very nice looking fan otherwise, even with the extender panels attached. Another larger inconvenience of this fan is that, like a few other Bionaire models, the temperature sensing wire can be affected by the heat of the motor depending on its placement from unit to unit. It’s luck of the draw with this flaw, as some seem to have this problem and some don’t. Since it comes with a remote, if the fan tends to run a lit longer than desired, it can be easily shut off or run on manual mode.

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Bionaire Twin Window Fan BW2100 with Digital Thermostat

Bionaire twin window fan bw2100

The Bionaire Twin Window Fan BW2100 with Digital Thermostat is well designed for a moderately priced window fan. It has worthy features that other equally priced models do not, including an adjustable digital thermostat with display.

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Sturdy Appearance
This fan has a nice, sturdy appearance to it and is actually a bit heavier than most window fans at almost 14 pounds. It doesn’t have an easy grip carrying handle, which makes its weight a bit cumbersome, but it snaps into place firmly without a lot of fuss and looks pleasant enough if it is just left in place constantly.

One of the more convenient design aspects of the BW2100 is that most of the front finger guards are vertical, which cuts down on dust build up which can be frustrating to clean because it does not disassemble easily.

It has a decent air flow for a medium size room, and can be easily changed from exhaust to blow or air exchange by flipping the individual slider buttons on each fan. The speed settings cycle all the way through the 6 options, 3 for manual and 3 for auto, so this is slightly less convenient than simpler switches if you don’t intend to use the thermostat very much, but it’s not an overt hassle.

Bionaire Twin Window Fan BW2100  Features

  • Adjustable to fit most standard windows

This fan fits slider and double hung windows. Adjustable extenders are included for larger windows.

  • Adjustable, programmable thermostat

The programmable digital thermostat display ranges between 60 and 80 degrees

  • Three speed settings for perfect comfort

The fan can be set to low, medium and high both in auto and manual mode.

  • Reversible blades

Blades are independently reversible so that the fan can be used for input, exhaust or to circulate air

  • Quiet

This fan moves a surprising amount of air for such quiet operation, which makes it ideal for bedroom use with the thermostat, as it will not wake you when it cycles on and off.

  • Keep your window screens

 The Bionaire Adjustable BW2100 is thin enough to use with your window screens in place, to keep dust, dirt and bugs out.

  • Fully assembled

This fan arrives fully assembled and ready to use.

  • Warranty

This fan comes with a five year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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Customer Reviews and Scores

I found 11 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Bionaire BW2100 Twin Window Fan  3.1 stars out of a possible 5 on average.

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A more serious drawback of this fan is that the heat from the motor tends to affect the temperature readout, and therefore turns the fan off at a higher ambient room temperature than it should. This inaccuracy can vary a by as much as ten degrees between units of the same model, so the temperature might need to be set somewhat lower than the actual room temperature desired, depending on the unit.

Overall, the BW2100 is a very good, solid mid-level fan. It blows very well, handling a lot of air for its size and volume, making it perfect for small and medium rooms and can definitely handle the difficult job of exhausting cooking odors from a kitchen.

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holmes hawf2041

Holmes HAWF2041

The Holmes HAWF2041 9″ Twin Window Fan With Manual Thermostat is a wonderfully customizable fan that can bring cool air in or blow stuffy air out with just the switch of a button. This twin fan also has independently adjustable settings for each side which will allow you to set one fan as intake and the other as exhaust so you don’t have to give up the feel of cool air blowing in while moving hot, stale air out of your room.

It would be nice if this fan had a deeper carrying handle. It’s difficult to fit your fingers underneath the thin ledge that replaces the older-style handle, but this isn’t a deal breaker, especially since the fan doesn’t need to be manually reversed for exhaust mode.

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Holmes HAWF2041 Product Features:

  • Electronically reversible

The fans can be individually reversed from intake to exhaust with just the switch of a button.

  • Three speed settings for optimal air movement and circulation

Fan speeds can be individually adjusted to three different settings for the perfect circulation in air exchange mode.

  • 19 Temperature settings for customized comfort

Fans will cycle on and off to the thermostat which features 19 temperature options for a perfectly customizable level of comfort.

  • 9” Blades

The HAWF2041 features two sets of six blades measuring 9” for higher volume of air circulation.

  • Quiet

A very quiet operation means that users will not have sleep, conversations, or their favorite show interrupted as the fan cycles on and off with the thermostat.

  • Adjustable to fit most windows

The Holmes HAWF2041 features an adjustable built in 7 inch extender panel that will allow it to easily fit most vertical slider, double-hung and casement windows measuring 24 to 37 inches wide.

  • Keep your window screens in place

Keep the bugs out while still bringing the fresh air in. At just 6 inches wide, the slim design allows most users to keep their window screens in place during use.

  • Lightweight

At 13.3 inches tall and just 7.2 lbs, the unit is sturdy, yet lightweight and easy to handle for effortless installation and movement.

  • Fully assembled

This fan arrives fully assembled and ready to use.

  • Warranty

The Holmes HAWF2041 comes with a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Ideal uses:

  • Clear cooking odors from a kitchen while circulating fresh air back in on exchange mode.
  • Keep lesser-used guest rooms fresh and free of stale air on exchange mode.
  • Save money by not running an air conditioner at night or on cooler days.
  • Regulate indoor humidity by using air exchange mode.
  • Circulate hot air out of upstairs rooms in exhaust mode for a cooler overall home climate.


Customer Reviews and Scores

I found 43 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the holmes hawf2041 twin window fan 3.8 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
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One of the best features about this fan is that it has a rotary thermostat which cycles the unit on and off less often than a digital thermostat. It’s also quiet enough that when it does cycle on, it’s not distracting at all.

With three speed settings, the adjustable thermostat, and the individualized fan settings, it’s pretty easy to keep your room feeling comfortable without giving it much thought. If you prefer the feeling of heavier air movement, you may want to combine this window fan with a box or desk fan as it does not have the strongest air flow, but it should be adequate by itself for a medium room and absolutely perfect for a small room.

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Holmes Window Fan Extender Panel

Holmes window fan extender panel

One of the challenges I’ve discovered about shopping for a window fan panel is finding one that operates quietly and that’s reasonably priced. While many of these panels fit easily onto most sliding windows, they can create distracting noise in a bedroom or living room. One such product that does have both advantages is the Holmes window fan extender panel, including the HAW2021

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Main Features of the Holmes Window Fan Extender Panel

This window fan panel comes with twin blades and two different speed settings. It can also be adjusted to fit various window measurements. If you want to install it in a larger window, the panel also includes an extender screen. The majority of online sellers I’ve run across include a one-year warranty for this product as well, which can save you a noticeable amount of money just in case your window fan panel needs repairs during that time.

Cost-Effective Home Cooling

Adding one of these window fan panels has saved me some money on an often expensive energy bill during the hot summers. Instead of turning up the air conditioner, turning on the fan panels instead will improve air circulation throughout the house. Moving the existing cool air around will help keep the indoor temperature more comfortable without lowering the AC temperature setting. Running the twin fans will also improve inside air quality, which is often helpful for allergy sufferers.

Additional Benefits of the Holmes Window Fan Extender Panel

This panel comes in a kit with all the parts you need, and assembling it is quick and easy. It includes a three-foot electrical cord and dial control panel as well. Without the extender panels, this product can fit in windows between 24 inches and 36 inches wide. These dimensions make it easy to fit the window fan panel on most standard-size residential home windows. Its motor is also designed to be waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about running the fans during rainy weather.

The Holmes window fan extender panel is a good buy for the listed prices. I’ve compared the same product from several online retailers and found that this fan panel sells for between $15 and $30 on average. Shipping prices can vary somewhat from one vendor to the next for this fan panel. In addition to the one-year warranty, some sellers offer a 30-day refund guarantee just in case you aren’t completely happy with your window fan panel purchase.

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holmes hawf2043 twin window fan

Holmes HAWF2043 Twin window fan

Holmes HAWF2043 Twin window fan

Holmes HAWF2043 Twin window fan

 I have found that the Holmes HAWF2043 Twin window fan is a feature-rich, cost effective cooling device. It features an easy to use, one touch programmable thermostat that allows me to keep my home at the desired temperature automatically. All I do is press the button corresponding to the temperature I’m comfortable with, and the fan does the rest of the work. The thermostat regulates temperature effectively, and helps save money on energy bills to boot.

One of my favorite features of the Holmes HAWF2043 Twin window fan is that it works for both exhaust and intake. If the air inside is getting stuffy and stale, I switch the fan on to full exhaust to get rid of all of the old air, then change the setting to intake to bring in fresh, cool, comfortable air from outside. Since the Holmes Twin Window Fan,HAWF2043 is actually comprised of two separate fans, I can even set it to do both tasks at once, with one fan pulling in cool air from the outside while the other gets rid of stale air from inside the house. The fan itself does a great job of keeping the air comfortable, and it can also work in concert with air-conditioning by making sure the cool air keeps circulating.

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Holmes HAWF2043 Twin Window Fan Features:

  • Digital Speed Settings – The fan has multiple speed settings, which are easy to use thanks to digital controls. Whether I want a real blast of cold air, or just a little bit of circulation to keep things comfortable, I can switch between settings easily.

  • Two-way airflow – As I already mentioned, the ability to operate as both an intake or exhaust fan, and even both at once, makes this fan a versatile tool for home comfort. Switching between the two is also as easy as pressing a button.

  • Serious Circulation Power – What good is a fan that doesn’t have enough power to really keep things comfortable? This fan has all of the power that I can ask for to cool down a room quickly. One of my favorite perks of the exhaust option is for when I use the fan after cooking fried or sauteed foods that create a lot of smoke. Instead of just opening the windows and waiting for the air to clear out, I turn on the exhaust on my Holmes Twin Window Fan,HAWF2043 and the air inside is fresh in minutes.

  • Solid, Sturdy and Safe – The fan is created out of durable plastic, and the fan machinery is water resistant so I don’t have to worry about any rain. The 8.5 inch blades of the fan are well-guarded by plastic shields, so there’s no risk of me accidentally nicking a finger, and no worry when there are kids in the house. Since most of the parts are plastic, it’s also quite easy to move the fan from room to room, as needed.

  • Digital Thermostat Control – With the digital thermostat and display, I can always tell just what temperature the fan is set to. It’s easy to adjust with just the press of a button, and the display lights up at night for easy temperature changing. With the digital control, I feel much more confident in the fan’s temperature regulation than I would with a fan with just a knob and three settings.

  • Adjustable Size – The Holmes Twin Window Fan,HAWF2043 is highly adjustable for fit, so that I can put it in almost all slider and double-hung windows. There is an adjustable screen for width changes, and the fan also comes with seven inch and three inch extenders for further adjustment.

  • Warranty – The fan ships fully assembled, and comes with a three year warranty against any defects in the product. This gives me the confidence to know that my fan is built to last over the long term, and that I won’t be put out financially if something does malfunction. It also shows the company’s trust in their product.

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Overall, the Holmes HAWF2043  Twin Window Fan has delivered everything that I expected and more. On many days, it is more than enough to keep the air in my home cool and comfortable. When it gets too hot outside, the fan works excellently in concert with an air-conditioning unit to keep the air circulating. I also appreciate the digital display and easily adjustable settings. With many old fans, getting the temperature and air flow right feels like guesswork. The Holmes Twin Window Fan,HAWF2043 takes away the guesswork, as I can set it to regulate to any temperature I choose, and leave it alone knowing that it will get the job done. Overall, I’d strongly recommend this product to anyone in need of a powerful fan.

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