Optimus F-5285 8-Inch Electrically Reversible Twin 3-Speed Window Fan

A great feature of the Optimus F-5285 8-Inch Electrically Reversible Twin 3-Speed Window Fan with Thermostat is that each blade has its own control, not just for intake and exhaust, but also for power and speed. If two fans are too much, one can be turned off. The fans can also be set to circulate air with intake blowing harder than output or intake blowing softer than output. This is great for exhausting rooms with uneven heating in the winter, while still leaving the option to bring in a little air without over cooling.
The built-in adjustable slide screens with locks work very well, stay in place and snap into the window with ease. It has a very sleek appearance, with clearly marked controls that really don’t need any explanation at all to make use of every feature this fan has to offer. It also has a rain resistant motor, which is very useful if this fan is being used in a humid climate that sees a lot of rain. The fan won’t need to be taken out and reinstalled every time a slight drizzle occurs.
The Optimus F-5285 has removable feet, so if it won’t fit in front of your window screen, it can still be used by placing it on the window sill with the screen in to keep bugs and dirt out of the room. The feet also come in handy for windows that are slightly too small for window fan installation.

The manual thermostat works well, and gives the option to maintain comfort in the room without the annoying constant on and off of digital fans. There is no lit screen or LED read out for nighttime use, but this is nice if the light of an LED screen would otherwise disturb light sleepers. Low and medium settings and quiet enough not to interrupt sleep as well. In fact, the low setting is so quiet it can barely be heard at all.

The fan trades quietness for power. It’s more suitable for smaller rooms because it doesn’t blow as strong as other window fans with 8-inch blades. But the fact that it has removable feet also makes this fan perfect for desktop use where heavy blowing power isn’t needed. The airflow won’t be so strong as to overwhelm the user, and can be tailored with the individual power, speed and intake/exhaust buttons for a very comfortable desktop environment.

Product features

  • Independently reversible blades for intake, exhaust or air exchange
  • Independent power and speed controls for each side
  • Rain resistant motor
  • Three speeds for perfect comfort
  • Manual thermostat to maintain room temperature
  • Expandable screens on both sides of the window for centered placement
  • 8 inch blades for increased air circulation
  • Removable feet for floor, table or window use

Optimus F-5286

The Optimus F-5286 8-Inch Reversible Twin Window Fan with Thermostat and LED has almost every feature that should be expected in a higher model window fan. Easy to install with adjustable expanders on both sides of the unit, this fan will be out of the box and cooling a room to perfect comfort in no time.

Window grabbers at the front and back of the top hold to the window very well without being obvious in appearance. The sliders work well for fitting to the sides of the window. There is a small gap at the bottom and top of each side that could sometimes let small bugs and dirt in, but it’s not an overtly large problem. The fan also has removable feet that are very stable for use as a desk fan or floor fan, or placement on a window sill without removing the screen.

There are a lot of buttons on the Optimus F-5286, and they are not quite as self explanatory as they should be. A quick review of the instruction manual will add a little time to the initial installation and use. The blades can be individually set to intake or exhaust, or one each for circulating stale air out of a room while bringing fresh air in. They can also be individually set to run on high, medium and low settings. The ability to independently control each fan is very nice.

The thermostat can be set to cycle the fan for a comfortable room setting. It can only be adjusted by five degree increments between 65 and 80 degrees, and the highest setting is labeled as MAX on the thermostat section, so users have to punch the temperature adjustment button up to five times to get to that setting. The LED light also blinks, which is can be annoying at night time, but other than that it is quiet enough not to disturb nighttime sleep, or conversations and television use during the daytime.

The rain resistant motors allow the Optimus F-5286 to be used in a window that might be exposed to some moisture at times without having to uninstall it every time it rains. The rain resistant motors along with this fan’s ability to control intake and exhaust individually as well as speed, the adjustable timer, adjustable thermostat and quiet operation make this fan ideal for small to medium rooms that need extra cooling or circulation with just the programming of a few buttons and no further thought.

Product features

  • Adjustable extenders on both sides for the perfect fitting in slider, double hung and casement windows
  • Rain resistant motor for use in a humid environment
  • Adjustable thermostat in five degree increments for perfect comfort
  • Electronically reversible blades for intake, exhaust or circulate
  • Independent speed controls for both sets of blades
  • Programmable timer
  • 3 speeds on each fan for optimal circulation

Comfort Zone CZ309

If all you need is a very basic fan to either bring air in or exhaust air out of a stuffy room, the Comfort Zone CZ309 9-Inch Portable Twin Window fan will do the job. It’s a very basic, inexpensive fan so it doesn’t come with all of the bells and whistles that more expensive models have. It’s lightweight, at just 6.4 pounds, and has a very convenient carrying handle, so moving it from room to room is easy even if you have trouble lifting most things.

The accordion style extender panels lock in place well and are located on both sides of the fan, which gives you the ability to center the fan exactly as it’s needed. The portability features also make it a bit less of a hassle to reverse, since this has to be done manually by taking the fan out of the window and flipping it around. The placement of the cord is a bit awkward and causes the fan to sit a little less flush against the window’s frame than it should so it may take a little moving around to get it to set right.

This fan has two speeds, which are controlled by its only knob located at the very top of its frame where the bottom of the window rests on the fan, but you can access this button whether the fan is placed for intake or exhaust.

The fans 9 inch blades are larger than what is found with most window fans and usually good for moving more air, but when combined with the lighter weight materials used for its construction, they result in a little more vibration than would be experienced with a heavier fan. It will move plenty of air for a small room, but won’t produce a strong air flow feel in medium or larger rooms. It’s fairly good for use as an exhaust fan to take cooking fumes out of a kitchen, exhaust fumes out of a garage or excess humidity out of a bathroom. It’s also great to double as a desk fan with its included removable feet, and will produce a very nice flow of air for that use.

Overall, the Comfort Zone CZ309 is a basic, no-frills window or desk fan that will add a little extra air flow where you need it most.

Product features

  • Adjustable to fit most windows with built-in extender panels on both sides
  • 9-Inch blades for higher volume of air flow
  • Carrying handle and lightweight construction for portability
  • Manually reversible for intake or exhaust
  • Two speeds
  • Simple to use and install
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Optimus F-5280 7-Inch Twin 2-Speed Window Fan

The Optimus F-5280 7-Inch Twin 2-Speed Window Fan is a completely basic fan. It’s ideal for use as a back up fan where a box fan just wont do by itself, or use in a small room to bring in extra cool air. It also has a lot of nice features despite its simplicity.

The extender panels built into both sides are easy to use so that the fan can be perfectly centered in double hung windows. It’s smaller, at 22.6 inches, and not as tall as many window fans, so can be fitted for more narrow bathroom and kitchen windows. The motor is rain resistant so it will not die at the first sign of humid weather, and it handles continuous use on high speed very well. These design features make the fan especially ideal if it is being used for ventilation to remove excess humidity from a bathroom.

For windows that cannot fit a traditional window fan, the removable feet can be used to place it on a window sill instead. This also allows the fan to double as a desk fan or a floor fan for smaller rooms. Moving it around isn’t a problem as it is light and fairly easy to handle, although it should have a proper carrying handle for this purpose. The plastic seems a bit flimsy, and it looks a little cheaper than other window fans do, but it holds up to being moved around a lot. The feet are rubberized as well, which keeps it from getting knocked around while it is being used as a desk fan.

The Optimus F-5280 only has one knob for power and its two speed settings, so there won’t be any fiddling with controls or worrying about lights that interrupt sleep. It would be nicer if the fan had controls to reverse airflow, rather than having to take the fan out and flip it around, but the controls are on both sides of the unit, so once it is placed, it can be turned off and on with ease. It will also have to be turned off in the middle of the night if it gets too cold since there is no thermostat.

This fan is definitely powerful for its price, even more so than some fans with larger blades, but it’s also much noisier than many window fans. This is good if the white noise is useful for drowning out background sounds, but bad for use in rooms where the extra sound might interfere with conversations or watching television. This fan is absolutely great for use in a garage or shop where it can be run continuously on exhaust mode to draw out fumes and odors.

Product features

  • Two speeds, high and low
  • Speed controls on both sides make the fan manually reversible for exhaust or intake
  • Rain resistant motor for operation in humid environments
  • Removable feet for table, floor or window use
  • Adjustable screens on both sides of the fan for easy fitting
  • Fully assembled for quick installation