Window Fan

Honeywell Twin Window Fan

The Honeywell Twin Window Fan, HW-305 is a small but powerful fan. It doesn’t have a large number of features, but it does have the ones that really matter. The blades are reversible for switching from intake to exhaust with just the flip of a button, and it has a manual thermostat that will automatically turn the fan on and off for your perfect level of comfort.

Installation is a bit more painful with this fan that it would be with most others. The extender panels don’t include an accordion style extender that is easily adjustable to any length. Instead, the plastic is rigid, and one of the panels must be adjusted and then held into place with a pair of small screws. This does make the panels easier to clean than the accordion style, since they don’t collect as much dust and can just be wiped off with a cloth, and they also look nicer, but it takes more than a few minutes to get it installed.

There is a built-in carrying handle at the top of the fan to make it easy to carry and store when you want to move the fan. A great bonus for this fan is that it is built with a rain resistant motor so owners don’t have to fret as much about forgetting to take it out of a window during wet weather, even though it’s easy to move.

The control panel is very easy to use, with only two knobs for temperature and speed, and one switch for intake/exhaust. The manual thermostat has no temperature readout makes for a bit of guess-work when setting the fan to the desired room temperature, but the dials are self-explanatory. The thermostat is also less sensitive because it’s manual and therefore less likely to cycle on and off several times a minute, which can be annoying with digital models and there is no lit LED screen to cast an annoying light in a dark room while trying to sleep if extra light could potentially be a bother.

It’s difficult to clean the fan as the front grills collect a lot of dust and dirt and it doesn’t disassemble very easily for washing. But overall it’s a good no-frills fan that will do the job that matters. The power of the HW-305 is great. It trades all the extra functions and knobs for what really matters–air movement.

Product features

  • Three speeds for perfect comfort
  • Included additional side panels will fit most slider and double hung windows
  • Electrically reversible blades for intake or exhaust with just the switch of a button
  • Manual thermostat to adjust room to your preferred temperature
  • Built in carrying handle for portability
  • Rain resistant motor for exceptional durability