Comfort Zone CZ309

If all you need is a very basic fan to either bring air in or exhaust air out of a stuffy room, the Comfort Zone CZ309 9-Inch Portable Twin Window fan will do the job. It’s a very basic, inexpensive fan so it doesn’t come with all of the bells and whistles that more expensive models have. It’s lightweight, at just 6.4 pounds, and has a very convenient carrying handle, so moving it from room to room is easy even if you have trouble lifting most things.

The accordion style extender panels lock in place well and are located on both sides of the fan, which gives you the ability to center the fan exactly as it’s needed. The portability features also make it a bit less of a hassle to reverse, since this has to be done manually by taking the fan out of the window and flipping it around. The placement of the cord is a bit awkward and causes the fan to sit a little less flush against the window’s frame than it should so it may take a little moving around to get it to set right.

This fan has two speeds, which are controlled by its only knob located at the very top of its frame where the bottom of the window rests on the fan, but you can access this button whether the fan is placed for intake or exhaust.

The fans 9 inch blades are larger than what is found with most window fans and usually good for moving more air, but when combined with the lighter weight materials used for its construction, they result in a little more vibration than would be experienced with a heavier fan. It will move plenty of air for a small room, but won’t produce a strong air flow feel in medium or larger rooms. It’s fairly good for use as an exhaust fan to take cooking fumes out of a kitchen, exhaust fumes out of a garage or excess humidity out of a bathroom. It’s also great to double as a desk fan with its included removable feet, and will produce a very nice flow of air for that use.

Overall, the Comfort Zone CZ309 is a basic, no-frills window or desk fan that will add a little extra air flow where you need it most.

Product features

  • Adjustable to fit most windows with built-in extender panels on both sides
  • 9-Inch blades for higher volume of air flow
  • Carrying handle and lightweight construction for portability
  • Manually reversible for intake or exhaust
  • Two speeds
  • Simple to use and install
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

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