holmes accutemp window fan

    While I like to sleep in a cool bedroom, the climate I live in rarely makes air conditioning necessary. The Holmes Accutemp window fan keeps me just the right temperature, and its programmable thermostat means I don’t have to get up in the night to turn it off or pull on a blanket.

Window Fan with Accutemp

Window Fan Accutemp

Dual fans keep air moving 
I bought this fan to replace a single box fan that I kept in the window. The improvement is so remarkable, I can’t believe I did not make the upgrade sooner! Each fan is independently controlled and electrically reversible. That means they can both be set pull in air from the outside or to blow air that is inside the house out. In addition, one fan can be set to intake air, and the other can be set to exhaust it. The air in the room is removed and immediately replaced with outside air, which creates cooling circulation. The fans also have 3 speed settings, which gives me extra options for controlling the room’s temperature.
The thermostat feature of the Holmes Accutemp window fan is what really made it stand out to me. It is simple to set, and the digital screen is easy to read. Before going to bed, I set it at a comfortable level. Once the air in the room reaches that temperature, the fans shut off. However, if it gets too hot, they automatically turn back on. This fan also has a timer in case I want to keep in on a few hours in the morning for my little terrier dog after I leave for work.

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Window-filling design 
Unlike my old box fan, this double fan is unobtrusive and fits right in the window. The big box fan actually leaned up against the window screen and pushed it outward. The sleek, smooth design of the Holmes Accutemp window fan goes right in the drop off behind the windowsill without touching the screen.
The fan has an adjustable extender screen and an adjustable extender panel, both of which can stretch up to 3 inches. I opened both of the panels about an inch so the fans would be near the center of the window. I was afraid it was going to be a struggle to install it, but was fairly simple and took less than 15 minutes.

Super quiet 
I grew used to the rattle of my box fan over the years that I used it. The incredibly quiet operation of the Holmes Accutemp window fan was a wonderful surprise. Now, I do not have to crank up the television or stereo to hear it over the fan! It’s a great bonus for this well-designed fan that lets my house breathe while saving me money over air conditioning.
At the end of the summer, the lightweight design is easy to remove and put in storage until next spring. I do not have to risk a broken arm hauling a heavy window air conditioner up and down the stairs. This ingenious dual window was the perfect solution to keeping my bedroom cool.

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