Holmes HAWF2030 Dual Blade Twin Window Fan with Thermostat

The Holmes HAWF2030 is a sleekly designed dual blade fan that provides an inexpensive alternative to more costly window air conditioning units or central air conditioning. This dual-function reversible fan is lightweight yet durable, and loaded with features such as an adjustable thermostat, adjustable speed settings and adjustable frame for simple installation. The Holmes HAWF2030 provides ease of use and functionality while never sacrificing comfort for cost.

Holmes HAWF2030 Dual Blade Twin Window Fan with Thermostat

Holmes HAWF2030 Dual Blade Twin Window Fan with Thermostat


Holmes HAWF2030 Features

Lightweight and easy to install

The Holmes 2030 is designed specifically for ease of fitting and use. The fan’s dimensions of 24.3 inches by 12.3 inches and an adjustable extender screen will fit most slider and double hung windows. For larger windows, the bonus extender panel is included. In addition, this lightweight and functional fan weighs only 6.3 pounds, making both the original installation and manual reversal of the air flow an absolute breeze.

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Keep window screens in

This fan’s slim depth of 5.7 inches allows it to be used with window screens still installed to let cool air in while keeping bugs and dirt out.

Adjustable speed settings

Two speed settings allow users to adjust air flow to room size and temperature extremes. In addition, this unit features twin fans for increased air circulation and efficiency.

Adjustable Thermostat

The Holmes 2030 features an adjustable thermostat for optimum climate control. This feature will allow users to

  • adjust the room temperature to the user’s own personal comfort level

  • maintain the best climate control without giving the fan a second thought

  • prevent over-cooling a room at night without waking to turn the fan off

  • allow users to save money by turning off air conditioning during the day while at work or away, yet still return home in the evening to a comfortable home climate

  • keep pets more cozy while owners are away without unnecessary additional expenses

  • maintain adequate airflow and ventilation on reverse/exhaust mode without wasting energy

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Quiet operation

This fan’s quiet operation will allow the thermostat to switch the unit on and off without worry that the added noise will drown out a favorite television show or phone conversation, or interrupt restful sleep.

Reversible installation

The Holmes HAWF2030 can be manually reversed to either draw fresh air in from the outside, or blow indoor air out. This reverse/exhaust mode can be used to

  • better distribute heating and cooling in unevenly insulated houses

  • clear cooking smells, odors and fumes from a kitchen in use

  • blow stale air and odors out of a lesser used room for better ventilation

  • draw warmer air from a heated room to an unheated room

  • distribute air conditioning from a centrally located window unit to outer rooms in the home


This fan comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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