Holmes HAWF3095-U twin window fan

Holmes HAWF3095-U twin window fan

This fan may be a bit too deep at 5.5 inches to allow some users to keep their window screens in, and the expandable adapter doesn’t sit quite evenly with the rest of the unit. There is a small gap between the bottom of the adapter and where it is supposed to meet the window. It also doesn’t have a built-in dust filter or closable vent, so it’s best to make sure that this fan will fit in front of the window screen or take it out when it’s not in use.

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Easy Installation

Installation is very easy. It includes adjustable and snap on extender panels and has a very secure fitting design. Fan dimensions are 25 inches by 13 inches, so it won’t fit  the smaller windows, but it will fit even many types of casement windows with a specifically designed bracket that the manufacturer can provide.

The mode button turns the fan on and cycles through three automatic temperature settings. The temperature can be further fine tuned in one degree increments with the two additional temperature buttons. There is no remote with the holmes HAWF3095-U twin window fan, so you have to rely on the thermostat if you want the fan to turn off at night when it gets too cool. When it cycles on and off, the noise is not too disturbing as this is definitely one of the quieter fans on the market.

You can’t just run one fan at a time or individually control their speed, but you can adjust the  fans individually with slider switches to intake, exhaust or one fan doing each for air circulation. This mode is very nice for cooling off a room while removing stuffy air and odors, especially in a hot kitchen while cooking on the stove or using the oven. For bedroom use, it’s good to have the fan on intake at night, and exhaust mode during the day if it’s much hotter outside than it is inside.


Holmes HAWF3095-U twin window fan Features

  • Adjustable to fit most double hung and slider windows
  • Can fit casement most windows with manufacturer provided bracket
  • Programmable digital thermostat with digital LED display
  • Programmable shut off timer with 16 hour capacity
  • Independently reversible blades for intake, exhaust and circulate
  • Water resistant motors
  • Three speed settings
  • Five year limited manufacturer’s warranty

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Customer Reviews and Scores

I found 178 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Holmes HAWF3095-U twin window fan with accutemp plus 4 stars out of a possible 5 on average.

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Sometimes, when the room temperature reaches close to the desired setting, this fan’s digital thermostat can cause the fan to cycle on and off rapidly, as often as two or three times a minute. If this becomes annoying, the timer function can be used instead. For instance, if you want the room cooled when you first go to bed, but you know that the temperature is going to become too cold to keep running the fan around midnight and don’t want the chill to wake you up, you can simply set the timer for it to turn off. The timer can also be set to turn the fan on a couple of hours before you return home without having to run it for the entire day. This makes a nice feature to get a house ready for the owners to return without wasting electricity.

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