holmes twin 9 window fan

The Holmes twin 9” window fan has earned itself a 3.5 star rating just about everywhere. The details for this fan are as follows.

About the Fan
•This is a twin fan. Each fan has it’s own sperate control panel, with three different fan speeds to choose from. With this, you can pull cool air inside, blow hot air outside, or both, just by setting each side to a different setting. The two fans each rotate in opposite directions (one turns to the left while the other turns to the right).
•There is a thermostat at the top, which controls the room’s temperature by turning the fan off at your desired comfort level.
•As do most fans, the Holmes twin 9” window fan comes apart for easy cleaning. One side removes completely, while the other remains fastened to the motors. Don’t worry, the motors are removable, all you have to do is unscrew them.
•The fan is attractive, long lasting and quiet. This is just a typical white fan with blue knobs. As for the sound, it generates a low-medium “white noise,” with much more emphasis on the low side.

•There are two six-blade fans, with each fan measuring 9” in diameter.
•Dimensions are 25.7” Long x 6” Deep x 13.3” High, not including the plastic extender. With one side fully extended, the fan reaches a maximum 32” long.

The Pros
• Sperate control panels for each fan is a great feature. This allows one fan to be off, while the other is on high speed, or one fan blowing cool air inside, while the other air blows hot air outside.
• This model is practically a steal at it’s sale price, as compared similar fans.
• The built in thermostat allows for optimum comfort. You can easily control the temperature, both easily and accurately, without having to get up and manually adjust the fan every five minutes.
• You can buy this fan without any fear that it will break soon after. Holmes twin 9” window fan is built to last you many years to come.
• There will be no annoying clicking or loud humming with this one. The most you can expect with this fan, sound-wise, is the typical “white noise” you would get with any other fan.

The Cons
•Across the board, the only major con I could find was that the airflow was considered less than average to some of it’s competitors, like Honeywell. Only a small percentage of consumers, who use this product, have this opinion.
• The built in thermostat is set to control the fan during hot weather. This means, if you plan to use the fan during colder months as, say, an exhaust fan, the thermostat feature may cause the fan to cut off. In addition, putting the fan in a sunny window, may leave the sun to heat up the fan, and actually turn on the fan without it being wanted.
• Holmes twin 9” window fan does not come with an energy-star mark, so sadly, it’s not eco-friendly.

As was stated before, this is a quiet fan. If you purchase one, and it seems very noisy, it is probably your particular fan. If you feel like there is any unwanted clicking, humming, or anything out of the ordinary, consider replacing it. This model is designed to be very quiet. In addition, if you find that it does not work after only one season’s use, this is most certainly a glitch in your fan. Holmes is a very widely trusted brand, and their fans should last you many years

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