holmes hawf2043 twin window fan

Holmes HAWF2043 Twin window fan

Holmes HAWF2043 Twin window fan

Holmes HAWF2043 Twin window fan

 I have found that the Holmes HAWF2043 Twin window fan is a feature-rich, cost effective cooling device. It features an easy to use, one touch programmable thermostat that allows me to keep my home at the desired temperature automatically. All I do is press the button corresponding to the temperature I’m comfortable with, and the fan does the rest of the work. The thermostat regulates temperature effectively, and helps save money on energy bills to boot.

One of my favorite features of the Holmes HAWF2043 Twin window fan is that it works for both exhaust and intake. If the air inside is getting stuffy and stale, I switch the fan on to full exhaust to get rid of all of the old air, then change the setting to intake to bring in fresh, cool, comfortable air from outside. Since the Holmes Twin Window Fan,HAWF2043 is actually comprised of two separate fans, I can even set it to do both tasks at once, with one fan pulling in cool air from the outside while the other gets rid of stale air from inside the house. The fan itself does a great job of keeping the air comfortable, and it can also work in concert with air-conditioning by making sure the cool air keeps circulating.

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Holmes HAWF2043 Twin Window Fan Features:

  • Digital Speed Settings – The fan has multiple speed settings, which are easy to use thanks to digital controls. Whether I want a real blast of cold air, or just a little bit of circulation to keep things comfortable, I can switch between settings easily.

  • Two-way airflow – As I already mentioned, the ability to operate as both an intake or exhaust fan, and even both at once, makes this fan a versatile tool for home comfort. Switching between the two is also as easy as pressing a button.

  • Serious Circulation Power – What good is a fan that doesn’t have enough power to really keep things comfortable? This fan has all of the power that I can ask for to cool down a room quickly. One of my favorite perks of the exhaust option is for when I use the fan after cooking fried or sauteed foods that create a lot of smoke. Instead of just opening the windows and waiting for the air to clear out, I turn on the exhaust on my Holmes Twin Window Fan,HAWF2043 and the air inside is fresh in minutes.

  • Solid, Sturdy and Safe – The fan is created out of durable plastic, and the fan machinery is water resistant so I don’t have to worry about any rain. The 8.5 inch blades of the fan are well-guarded by plastic shields, so there’s no risk of me accidentally nicking a finger, and no worry when there are kids in the house. Since most of the parts are plastic, it’s also quite easy to move the fan from room to room, as needed.

  • Digital Thermostat Control – With the digital thermostat and display, I can always tell just what temperature the fan is set to. It’s easy to adjust with just the press of a button, and the display lights up at night for easy temperature changing. With the digital control, I feel much more confident in the fan’s temperature regulation than I would with a fan with just a knob and three settings.

  • Adjustable Size – The Holmes Twin Window Fan,HAWF2043 is highly adjustable for fit, so that I can put it in almost all slider and double-hung windows. There is an adjustable screen for width changes, and the fan also comes with seven inch and three inch extenders for further adjustment.

  • Warranty – The fan ships fully assembled, and comes with a three year warranty against any defects in the product. This gives me the confidence to know that my fan is built to last over the long term, and that I won’t be put out financially if something does malfunction. It also shows the company’s trust in their product.

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Overall, the Holmes HAWF2043  Twin Window Fan has delivered everything that I expected and more. On many days, it is more than enough to keep the air in my home cool and comfortable. When it gets too hot outside, the fan works excellently in concert with an air-conditioning unit to keep the air circulating. I also appreciate the digital display and easily adjustable settings. With many old fans, getting the temperature and air flow right feels like guesswork. The Holmes Twin Window Fan,HAWF2043 takes away the guesswork, as I can set it to regulate to any temperature I choose, and leave it alone knowing that it will get the job done. Overall, I’d strongly recommend this product to anyone in need of a powerful fan.

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