Lasko Twin Window Fan 2137 Review

Lasko Twin Window Fan, 2137

The biggest advantage of the Lasko Twin Window Fan 2137 is that it will actually fit into the smaller windows, even down to 22 inches and is unbelievably easy to install. It’s adjustable, accordion style side panels will fit windows up to 34 inches without the need for extra panels or adapters.

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This fan is thin enough to be used with the window screen still installed, which it recommended since there is no built-in dust screen to block dirt and bugs from entering the home through the grills. The window grabbers built into the top give a secure fit for the fan to the bottom of the window. It is very light and weighs only 5.8 pounds so it’s easy to move, but it would be nice if there was a carrying handle or a built-in carrying groove.
The plastic that the housing it’s made of is not very expensive looking, and somewhat thinner than the plastic used with other models. It also bends a little too easily at the touch. It looks fine despite this, with a simple white color, and the adjustable extenders on both sides of the fan to make it possible to center the fan in the window for a nicer visual appeal, which fans with rigid side panels can’t do.

The fan’s only knob is at the top, flush with where the window sill fits against the top of the fan. This makes it very difficult to turn the knob when you want to turn it off or change the speed because it’s just too tall and bumps the bottom of the window. But the knob can be accessed from both the front and the back to make it manually reversible, just pull it out of the window and turn it around to change from intake to exhaust.

The Lasko 2137 can also be used as a desk fan or floor fan with the removable feet. It won’t produce as much air movement as a typical box fan, but it still comes in handy, especially as a desk fan, for which it provides plenty of power.

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Product features

  • Fits many smaller windows from 22 inches to 34 inches
  • Two speeds for more comfortable air flow
  • Manually reversible to bring cool air in from the outside or exhaust hot air or odors out from the inside
  • Removable feet for use as a floor or table fan as well as a window fan
  • Expandable adjustment panels on both sides of the frame for easy fitting
  • Fully assembled for easy and quick installation

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