Optimus F-5280 7-Inch Twin 2-Speed Window Fan

The Optimus F-5280 7-Inch Twin 2-Speed Window Fan is a completely basic fan. It’s ideal for use as a back up fan where a box fan just wont do by itself, or use in a small room to bring in extra cool air. It also has a lot of nice features despite its simplicity.

The extender panels built into both sides are easy to use so that the fan can be perfectly centered in double hung windows. It’s smaller, at 22.6 inches, and not as tall as many window fans, so can be fitted for more narrow bathroom and kitchen windows. The motor is rain resistant so it will not die at the first sign of humid weather, and it handles continuous use on high speed very well. These design features make the fan especially ideal if it is being used for ventilation to remove excess humidity from a bathroom.

For windows that cannot fit a traditional window fan, the removable feet can be used to place it on a window sill instead. This also allows the fan to double as a desk fan or a floor fan for smaller rooms. Moving it around isn’t a problem as it is light and fairly easy to handle, although it should have a proper carrying handle for this purpose. The plastic seems a bit flimsy, and it looks a little cheaper than other window fans do, but it holds up to being moved around a lot. The feet are rubberized as well, which keeps it from getting knocked around while it is being used as a desk fan.

The Optimus F-5280 only has one knob for power and its two speed settings, so there won’t be any fiddling with controls or worrying about lights that interrupt sleep. It would be nicer if the fan had controls to reverse airflow, rather than having to take the fan out and flip it around, but the controls are on both sides of the unit, so once it is placed, it can be turned off and on with ease. It will also have to be turned off in the middle of the night if it gets too cold since there is no thermostat.

This fan is definitely powerful for its price, even more so than some fans with larger blades, but it’s also much noisier than many window fans. This is good if the white noise is useful for drowning out background sounds, but bad for use in rooms where the extra sound might interfere with conversations or watching television. This fan is absolutely great for use in a garage or shop where it can be run continuously on exhaust mode to draw out fumes and odors.

Product features

  • Two speeds, high and low
  • Speed controls on both sides make the fan manually reversible for exhaust or intake
  • Rain resistant motor for operation in humid environments
  • Removable feet for table, floor or window use
  • Adjustable screens on both sides of the fan for easy fitting
  • Fully assembled for quick installation

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