Optimus F-5285 8-Inch Electrically Reversible Twin 3-Speed Window Fan

A great feature of the Optimus F-5285 8-Inch Electrically Reversible Twin 3-Speed Window Fan with Thermostat is that each blade has its own control, not just for intake and exhaust, but also for power and speed. If two fans are too much, one can be turned off. The fans can also be set to circulate air with intake blowing harder than output or intake blowing softer than output. This is great for exhausting rooms with uneven heating in the winter, while still leaving the option to bring in a little air without over cooling.
The built-in adjustable slide screens with locks work very well, stay in place and snap into the window with ease. It has a very sleek appearance, with clearly marked controls that really don’t need any explanation at all to make use of every feature this fan has to offer. It also has a rain resistant motor, which is very useful if this fan is being used in a humid climate that sees a lot of rain. The fan won’t need to be taken out and reinstalled every time a slight drizzle occurs.
The Optimus F-5285 has removable feet, so if it won’t fit in front of your window screen, it can still be used by placing it on the window sill with the screen in to keep bugs and dirt out of the room. The feet also come in handy for windows that are slightly too small for window fan installation.

The manual thermostat works well, and gives the option to maintain comfort in the room without the annoying constant on and off of digital fans. There is no lit screen or LED read out for nighttime use, but this is nice if the light of an LED screen would otherwise disturb light sleepers. Low and medium settings and quiet enough not to interrupt sleep as well. In fact, the low setting is so quiet it can barely be heard at all.

The fan trades quietness for power. It’s more suitable for smaller rooms because it doesn’t blow as strong as other window fans with 8-inch blades. But the fact that it has removable feet also makes this fan perfect for desktop use where heavy blowing power isn’t needed. The airflow won’t be so strong as to overwhelm the user, and can be tailored with the individual power, speed and intake/exhaust buttons for a very comfortable desktop environment.

Product features

  • Independently reversible blades for intake, exhaust or air exchange
  • Independent power and speed controls for each side
  • Rain resistant motor
  • Three speeds for perfect comfort
  • Manual thermostat to maintain room temperature
  • Expandable screens on both sides of the window for centered placement
  • 8 inch blades for increased air circulation
  • Removable feet for floor, table or window use

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