Optimus F-5286

The Optimus F-5286 8-Inch Reversible Twin Window Fan with Thermostat and LED has almost every feature that should be expected in a higher model window fan. Easy to install with adjustable expanders on both sides of the unit, this fan will be out of the box and cooling a room to perfect comfort in no time.

Window grabbers at the front and back of the top hold to the window very well without being obvious in appearance. The sliders work well for fitting to the sides of the window. There is a small gap at the bottom and top of each side that could sometimes let small bugs and dirt in, but it’s not an overtly large problem. The fan also has removable feet that are very stable for use as a desk fan or floor fan, or placement on a window sill without removing the screen.

There are a lot of buttons on the Optimus F-5286, and they are not quite as self explanatory as they should be. A quick review of the instruction manual will add a little time to the initial installation and use. The blades can be individually set to intake or exhaust, or one each for circulating stale air out of a room while bringing fresh air in. They can also be individually set to run on high, medium and low settings. The ability to independently control each fan is very nice.

The thermostat can be set to cycle the fan for a comfortable room setting. It can only be adjusted by five degree increments between 65 and 80 degrees, and the highest setting is labeled as MAX on the thermostat section, so users have to punch the temperature adjustment button up to five times to get to that setting. The LED light also blinks, which is can be annoying at night time, but other than that it is quiet enough not to disturb nighttime sleep, or conversations and television use during the daytime.

The rain resistant motors allow the Optimus F-5286 to be used in a window that might be exposed to some moisture at times without having to uninstall it every time it rains. The rain resistant motors along with this fan’s ability to control intake and exhaust individually as well as speed, the adjustable timer, adjustable thermostat and quiet operation make this fan ideal for small to medium rooms that need extra cooling or circulation with just the programming of a few buttons and no further thought.

Product features

  • Adjustable extenders on both sides for the perfect fitting in slider, double hung and casement windows
  • Rain resistant motor for use in a humid environment
  • Adjustable thermostat in five degree increments for perfect comfort
  • Electronically reversible blades for intake, exhaust or circulate
  • Independent speed controls for both sets of blades
  • Programmable timer
  • 3 speeds on each fan for optimal circulation

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