Holmes Twin Window Fan With Termostat

holmes window fan with digital thermostat

The Holmes Window Fan with digital thermostat is a smartly designed value priced fan that will help maintain your personal comfort, particularly in a smaller room. Ideal applications include bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. The fans run quietly at lower speeds and can be adjusted to fit either sliding or double hung windows. The reversible fans can be easily converted  for air intake or exhaust and is well suited for exchanging air in a closed room. Temperatures can be regulated with the electronic thermostat by the easy to program digital display.

Holmes  Twin Window Fan - HAWF2043

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This compact window fan fits nicely in my kitchen window. With its two built in fans, I can use it to either exhaust the hot air or reverse it and draw in outside cool air. I have a choice to do either, depending on the weather. I can set both fans to either exhaust or take air in, or if I choose, I can have one intake air while the other exhausts air simultaneously. That is a terrific feature.

Before leaving for work, I program the Holmes window fan with digital thermostat to automatically turn on when the temperatures in my house reach a certain level. The duo fans then turn on when the  Accutemp thermostat reaches that preset  temperature level. By the time I return from work, the hot air has been exhausted and my house is once again, liveable.

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Holmes Twin Window Fan – HAWF2030

Even on those scorching evenings, when I am forced to turn on my AC, I will use the Holmes window fan with digital thermostat  to help my air conditioner cool the house down quicker. When it does cool, I turn the air conditioner off and rely on my window fan to maintain the temperature. It uses only a fraction of the power that my central air unit does. The savings in electricity are amazing.

On the hottest nights, I can easily move the fan to my bedroom to cool it off before I turn in. The fact that this unit will fit in either double hung or slider windows is another great feature. I happen to have both types of windows in my apartment. The fan runs quietly, especially at the lower of the three fan speed. I can set the thermostat to shut down when the room reaches the predetermined temperature. On those nights when the air outdoors is cool, I simply reverse the air flow of the the fans and enjoy the fresh air from outside.

Another nice feature is that I can have one fan exhaust old stale air while the other will bring in fresh air. The fan is easily adapted to any  of my window sizes. It only takes a minute to do. I use it after gatherings to refresh the room. This is a feature that comes in handy after and even while I am entertaining a group.

Overall, the fan performed as expected. The only shortcomings I discovered was that the noise level at full fan speed was noisier than I expected. I also thought that the air flow was not as strong as i would have liked.

On the hottest nights, it performed better without engaging the thermostat. I let it run at a constant speed and that seemed to work quite well. Actually, the automatic, Accutemp thermostat can become a bit of nuisance when temperatures hovered near the thermostat setting. The unit would turn on and off frequently, which could be annoying.

But overall, I like using it and really feel it has saved me money because I don’t run my air conditioning as much now.

Holmes Digital Termostat Window Fan Comparison
ModelProduct DimensionNo of BladeIs Water ResistantIs Remote ControlAvg Rating

HAWF2043 25.9 x 13.5 x 5 6 Yes Yes 3.8
HAWF2030 24.3 x 5.7 x 12 3 No No 3.0

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